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„Beautiful is something that we, if it belonged to us, would be happy about, but that also remains beautiful, when it belongs to another“

Umberto Eco, „History of beauty“

Praxis Dr. Stanković

Everyone defines beauty differently - it is in the eye of the beholder, it is said. With a beautiful smile, it is the same. Neither resembles the other, each is a unique arrangement of individual qualities.

When it comes to beautiful teeth, however, there are norms that are generally valid from a dental perspective. In particular, the so-called red-and-white aesthetics plays a decisive role in how we perceive a smile.

This is the condition of the gums - in the best case, pinkish-colored and only slightly visible - and the color, shape and condition of the teeth. The measure of all things is, of course, white and regular.

Beautiful teeth do not only look appealing, they also help us to more well-being and satisfaction. We smile with naturally beautiful teeth more often and more unprejudiced. In addition, they signal our health, success and vitality.


Naturally, beauty does not only depend on aesthetically perfect teeth. The lip shape and the contours of the face also contribute to a harmoniously appealing appearance. Here, we also offer support in the context of aesthetic dentistry.

The possibilities offered by aesthetic dentistry are as varied as your wishes and expectations. Whether a beautiful smile, full lips or bright white teeth - above all, our aim is to achieve a perfect result even from a medical point of view.

The majority of the methods contribute not only to a harmonious overall picture, but also to dental health. While, for example, orthodontic correction can facilitate dental care, restorations such as crowns and fillings are also required for dental care.

Our services in the field of aesthetic dentistry include:

  • System prophylaxis (Professional tooth cleaning)
  • Veneers (veneer shells)
  • Tooth whitening by bleaching
  • Aesthetic filling therapy
  • Parts / crowns and bridges made of full ceramics and zirconium
  • Lip treatment
Dr. Nebojsa Stanković


When it comes to dentures, the natural appearance is of paramount importance. Our conviction is that prosthesis is only perfect if it is not recognized as such.

In modern dentistry, therefore, the implant has proved to be particularly successful - it just comes closest to the original. The artificial tooth root - usually made of titanium or ceramics - is inserted directly into the jaw bone and can be equipped with crowns and bridges.

Comfortable and durable - guaranteed

Whether as a replacement for a single tooth or even the whole jaw - the possibilities of modern implantology are diverse. And dentures based on the nature of nature offers tremendous advantages over other methods. A key benefit - for example, compared to a bridge - is that no teeth need to be ground and therefore no healthy tooth substance has to be removed. In addition, implants are comparable with the biomechanical properties of natural tooth roots and thus stimulate bone formation.

The results are firm, naturally beautiful teeth, in which even experts have to look twice to distinguish them from your own teeth. You will also receive a full five-year warranty on your dental prosthesis and a 30-year warranty on the implant itself.

3D diagnostics and planning

We place emphasis on gentle and gentle treatment methods, which minimize the temporal and psychological stress. This is why, before and during treatment, we rely on computer-assisted 3D diagnostics and planning. This provides more safety and, above all, shorter treatment times as well as better, lasting results.

Dr. Nebojsa Stanković
Praxis Dr. Stanković